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Saturday, December 31, 2011

recording 2011

it's been a while, fellas!
wow, here we are now, in the end of 2011. 
2012 is about to come just in 2 hours.
so, the primary question is... what am I going to write now?
yes, you know me so well, silly question as always , lol.

okay, 2011.
in short, it is a worth year. you know, actually, every year is worth-to-live. It's your life which've been given by God. You gotta be grateful for being alive, for all the happiness, for all the misery, for all the surprises, and for all the love. There were, of course, many obstacles which we had to face. We had to feel the broke down. We had to feel the sadness. That is a life. It's a process of learning. And, it is about love. Living is about loving.

This year I'm sure I've done oh-so-many-mistakes. There might be many people hurt of me accidentally. I don't even remember what I've been through since January. Since I'm getting older, well I mean, growing up (and since some certain events), I tend not to remember. But thank God I've made some kind of diary for the first three weeks in January in facebook's notes. It's not a diary actually, it is just a compiling of my status. And all of those status were about someone, in a poem-form. If I read them again, I got a feeling like, "Wow, did I really write those sentences? Those poetic sentences?" then I started to smile. Yeah, early of this year, a guy from 2010 still made me confused. Not for long, thank God. Apparently, we are better being friends. That's it. 
So, January passed. February came. I remember I wrote a story entitled Hujan in this month. What this story about, you guys better read it here >> Hujan
What else was happening in February? Oh, my mother's birthday. We made the party in D'Cost. And... I don't remember anymore. Okay, let's move to March. Umm... we celebrated my aunt's birthday in Potato Head. And... pitch black. Let's move to April. April... err... to be honest, what I remember in that period (March-April-May) I focused my concentration to my study, because in that semester, I made my pre-proposal. I had to do a small research regarding my topic. I had to look for psychology lecturer to help me. And finally, my pre-proposal was done. Nicely. I did my presentation. And I waited only for comprehension test before I could finish my pre-proposal in thesis-form. Oh, this month I wrote another new super short story entitled Badai. It is some sort of the continuity of Hujan yet in different world. If you haven't read it, just click this link, feel free to read, but don't copy it >> Badai
So June came after May. Since I was born in June 9th, so at that day, me and my family made a birthday party in Cianjur Restaurant. It was my 21st birthday :D
You may say that 21 year old is the age of... adulthood. Technically. I am trying my best to be a good lady, hahaha. It was a fun party, but a little... well, you can't say little, um, an accident happened, involving my youngest cousin. I can't tell what it is about. Case closed.
In this month also I made the end of Hujan and Badai series, a short story entitled Pelangi
July was my holiday season. It was a month full of laziness, I guess. Don't blame me, I need my holiday you know, after all of the businesses I've done in two college. I remember I went on a little journey with my friend in Ubud. We almost got lost somewhere in Ubud, near a cemetery. Truly scary! The street was so dark and quiet. We knew that it was only us in that street XD
In August I started my fieldwork research for English Department in SMP Negeri 3 Denpasar. I became a tutor for a month in VIIID class. It was a month full of fun. Teaching kids was... tiring, I admit it. I prefer to be a lecturer.
August was a month full of inspiration. I wrote my longest short story in this month. It is entitled Never Knew I Needed. I was inspired by a certain event before I could make this story. Another thing which inspired me was Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven and Never Knew I Needed song by NeYo. The mixture of those three things created that story. 
Ah, in the end of this month, I was a bit attracted to a guy. A friend of mine. In my day college. I won't write his name here, lol. At that time, I was like... really curious about the nature of this guy. He successfully made me curious, this stupid guy, hahaha. Just curious, anyway. I still aware of the lines between curious and truly like aka love. So in September and October I made some attempts to know bit by bit about him, despite of my assignments were like killing me. Gosh, it was so ridiculous! As time went by, I learnt that he's a typical guy which is so... mysteriously annoying. Annoying in bad way, something would make you feel so irritated. I realized that curiosity wasn't enough. No, it was not enough. Conclusion: he's a friend.
Anyway, my assignments were so terrible in September, October, November, even in December! Through and through!
Ops, October... I remember I went to Hello Asean with my friends by Sarbagita Bus. A day full of happiness. We took some pictures of course. 
In November I was appointed by my college, day college which is refers to ISI Denpasar, to join an international conference in Bali Beach Hotel for 3 days. I wrote it already in my blog. Just see my previous posts :)
Also in November, my day college participated in Bali Creative Festival. The days when me and my friends prepared the installation for the fest was totally exciting (remember me to get the photographs from my friend!). Its name is Arttitude. And the theme for the next year Arttitude is Harmony in Diversity. That is my idea, anyway :D It's so nice when your idea could be accepted and applied by your friends!
In December, I was so glad I could help my friend in SheregART to prepare their first exhibition in Museum Lukisan Sidik Jari. 5 days of fun. I lost my STNK between those dates, by the way. A super shocked day. I won't write it here. In that day I faced too much problems, and so forth.
Ehem. Our Christmas tree this year was decorated in blue and silver. It shone so beautiful in the dark. We made three kinds of cookies: nastar, kastengel, and semprit. Home made cookies. They are heavenly delicious! My aunt is the best!
Me, mom, and dad went to Kepaon church in the morning in Christmas day, because as the Elder, my father was assigned in that church. 
For the Christmas party, we made spaghetti. I dare to say that I'm quite sick of eating spaghetti these days, lol. We also made many kinds of food. salads, sausages, meatballs, kangkung, chicken fillet in sweet sour sauce, and two kinds of puddings.
Many of my siblings from my mother's side came to celebrate Christmas. My house was so crowded, but I liked it. My friends from day college also came. We night college friend came the next day. We took some pictures. 
I got some presents, anyway, hahaha. Thank you.
The days in the end of December were exciting and busy in the same time.

Thank God for all the blessings this year. Thank You for everything. I know it's hard for me to accept some things, but I'm sure You will show Your true purposes in Your right time which means the best timing for me.
I just wish I could graduate from both of my college next year. And I wish our home could be finished next year. Oh, one more thing. I hope I could meet the half-of-the-one of mine.

Thanks dear Almighty God, thanks dear all of my friends wherever you are, thanks my lovely family in every corner of the world, thanks dear my beloved parents, and, again, thank you Lord Jesus.

may the next year full of peace and love.

merry christmas 2011 and happy new year 2012

lots of love,

-Erinda Moniaga-

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  1. little journey in Ubud., itu prjalanan tengal dan penuh dg k'soktauan Mr.YS XD