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Thursday, May 19, 2011

super-short story

hola fellas! 
this is the writer of this blog, mean me myself, Erinda Moniaga, speaking.
it's been a while since the last post in my blog... 3 months? 4 months? whatever.
well, I've been busy with my pre-proposal paper of my study lately. 
I can't tell here now what it is about, it's still a secret :P
until I finish it and graduate, I will certainly write about it in this blog.

now, now, what I wanna talk here is about my type of story. I name it super-short story. You know, there are two kinds of literary work: fiction and nonfiction. The types of fiction are prose, poetry, and drama. My specialty (might say that) is on prose. 
Nah, since junior high school, I've wrote 3 novels, some poems and verses, some dialogs for a a short movie, and any short stories. Actually I can't write short story. The story is gonna be either too long (novel-to-be) or too short (yet it's not a poem). So, what kind of prose is it? I make my own term --> SUPER-SHORT STORY.

what is it like?
you can see my kind of super-short story in this blog.
recently I've posted 2 entitled Hujan (Indonesian. Rain in English) and Badai (Indonesian. Storm in English). The last part, Pelangi (Rainbow in English) is yet to publish. It's on process. Well, actually, I haven't write it :P
They would be like trilogy with no same characters. The point is in the feelings inside the stories. I try to show the feelings, the emotions with the depiction of Rain and Storm. Before I post all the super-short stories, I post them on facebook, so in case you wanna see the comments of the reader, just go to my facebook account --> http://www.facebook.com/erinda.moniaga

the previous super-short stories, Yogurt, Caramel Java Chip, etc have also been posted on facebook. but I really wish anyone who haven't read all my notes in facebook and read (part) of them here, you would leave any comments or critics :)

umm, I guess that's all. I don't know what to say :P

thanks so much!

Erinda Moniaga

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