every word, every move, every expression has its own meaning. here I'm noting it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

greetings :D

I've made my blog! after many many times been in critical thinking about the pros and cons of making a blog, after several meditations beside my fish pond, i decided to make a blog. yes, my BLOG! (mmm, it sounds like 'belog' somehow, geez). it's not easy, you know. *sigh*
well, after I decided to make a blog, I must faced a new problem : what is the name of my blog?
it's never been easy to choose the name! i wanted to make it simple, but when I read my friend's blogs with unique and original name, I became sort of confused. Again, I was drowning in a deep thoughts, about naming my blog. Again, I gotta meditated beside my fish pond.
My silly names from junior high time has passed in my mind, you know, like Penjor, Mentega, or any weird names, but I thought those weren't suitable. Imagine, Penjor. What is it crossing in your mind when you read Penjor? Yes, a tall bamboo stick, and in my blog, I'm not promoting anything related to Penjor nor a travel agent. Whew, singkat cerita, I named it Erin's-Notes. I'm not creative enough to make a super name -_-
but that's me, simple. I just think that here, in my blog, I'm just gonna write anything I think interesting. Some poems and short stories. Just like my first tagline >> every word, every move, and every expression has its own meaning. Here, I'm noting it. It's all about meaning (or semantics, in way Bu Puspani say it) .The meaning of everything and I will translate it in my own way. Simple, isn't it? :D

Enough about that, now let me introduce myself a bit. My full name is quite long, Natasha Erinda Putri Moniaga. The only child from my parents, my dad is a Manado, my mom is a Balinese from Puri Denpasar. Being the only child is quite lonely sometimes, you see I don't have any brothers or sisters to fight to ( oh yeah, i like fighting :P ). I like, very much like, being called Erin, but my friends sometimes--no, not sometimes, always called me with several silly names. And I won't mention them, of course. Simply, called me  Erin. 
Right now I'm in 6th semester in two different colleges, Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar and Udayana University. I'm taking double-major which are very contrast >> English Literature and Design of Visual Communication. You could say that I take double major coincidentally, it doesn't matter. I prefer say it destined, oh yeah. The reasons behind it was too funny. I bet all my friends knows it, lol.
You could see how stress I am about managing both those majors in my facebook account, especially in times when my lecturers kindly give me lots of assignments -_-
lately I realized that majoring design it's not so much fun. It's not that I hate it, nooo. It's not just my place. I don't belong there.
I want to major in psychology, studying about people's mind sounds interesting. :3 
But I don't regret my decision taking double-major. I could have many friends :)
I love my friends even though they don't (maybe, just sayin', lol)
what else I should tell?

That's it for now.
I just wanna say my greetings :D

Welcome to my blog, Erin's-Note.

-Erinda Moniaga-

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